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Student Visa Renewal - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Visa Renewal

For a student visa renewal, you will be required to submit the following documents:

- Completed visa renewal forms.
- Two passport-size photographs (with white background) 
- Copy of passport and original passport to be submitted at the time of medical test. 

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least one year from the time of visa application.
- Copy of Emirates ID
- Copy of fee receipts

  • 25% tuition fee
  • Visa processing fee of AED 4409.95 (this includes the visa processing, medical tests, medical insurance and emirates ID)

Students are advised to renew their student visa one month before the visa expires.

No. The whole renewal process will be done inside the UAE and will not require you to exit the country anymore.

Medical insurance is required by the Government for the student’s welfare hence it is mandatory for students to have one.

No. You have to be inside the country during visa renewal as you will be required to undergo another medical test.

In most cases YES. However, the final decision and the exact amount of fines will always be determined by the Government Service Office.

Yes, you will be required to visit MDX Visa Office to cancel your student visa. This applies to students who are interrupting or withdrawing from MDX.

Yes, this is a must in order for your new university to open a file at the Immigration Office under your name.

No. You still need to formally cancel your visa by sending your original passport and original Emirates ID card to MDX Visa Office.

Proper visa cancellation has to be processed in order to clear your name from the immigration system in case you do plan to return to UAE in the future.

No. You will still be required to submit your original passport and original Emirates ID card to MDX Visa Office to formally cancel your visa.

We kindly advise you to renew your passport by visiting your embassy here in the UAE.

Once your new passport is issued, please attach it to the old passport as your student visa is in the old passport.

We encourage you to renew your passport first before renewing your visa.

Please drop by at the MDX Visa Office and request a Letter for Lost Passport. You will be guided through for the entire process.

Please contact MDX Visa Office and you will be guided through the entire process.

No. You have to secure a new passport. Once the new passport is issued, please attach it to the old passport as your student visa is in your old passport.

Yes you can. Just make sure that you enter the UAE at least a week before your visa expires.

We highly encourage you to either renew or cancel your visa one month prior to your travel plans in order to avoid problems at the airport.

Unfortunately, the only choice you have is to formally cancel your visa with MDX Visa Office as you will not be allowed by Immigration Office to leave the country with an expired visa.

Please take note that expired visa does not mean that it is automatically cancelled.

Yes, if you will be cancelling your visa for at least 2 weeks before your visa expiration, you are entitled to a “30-days” grace period.

However, grace periods are determined by the Immigration Office, hence there is no assurance that a 30-day period will always be granted.

Yes. The visa cancellation fee will be deducted from your visa deposit.

You have two options when cancelling your visa inside the country.
a) Express Cancellation - AED 1,344.38
The processing time for express cancellation is 5 to 7 working days.
b) Normal cancellation – AED 766.88
The processing time for normal cancellation is 10-12 working days.

  • Additional cancellation charges and penalties may apply for outside country cancellation, Student needs to contact visa office to know the visa cancellation process & the required documents.

NOTE: Fees are subject to change

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