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Tuition Fee Charges

Tuition Fees

The amount that you will pay in respect of tuition fees is dependent on the course that you wish to study and whether you wish to study on a part time or full time basis. Full time degrees are charged a flat rate which covers up 120 credits per annum, and any credit taken above this level will incur additional charges at the prevailing credit point rate. Part time study is usually charged on a credit point basis.

Tuition Fees for ‘new students’ are subject to review each year. The schedule of tuition fee charges for ‘new students’ enrolling in academic year 2022/2023 can be found below

Tuition fees net of taxes for returning students remain at the same rate throughout the normal duration of the programme i.e. the tuition fee rate net of taxes at the initial enrolment will be charged throughout the duration of the programme subject to the student maintaining a minimum ‘Pass’ grade in all modules. Any increases in taxes will be borne by the student.

Once you have enrolled you are responsible for the payment of your tuition fees and any other associated charges, including any amounts due from third parties which are not paid. Failure to settle fees on time will mean that the University will withdraw access to learning facilities and this may ultimately lead to deregistration from the University.

Middlesex University reserves the right to reassess any student’s tuition fee liability should new information come to light that may affect the original assessment. You should also understand that if you change programme or modules during the course of the year that your tuition fee charge may also change as a result.

If you are postgraduate student and you fail to complete your dissertation within one year of completing the taught element of your programme you will be charged a ‘dissertation only’ fee.

Exclusions in tuitions fees:

Students undertaking certain programmes may be required to pay additional fees to cover part or all the cost of special equipment, consumables or facilities – this information will be provided to students in a timely manner. The following course-related costs are not included in the fees, and you may be required to purchase these to complete the course. 

  • Your core textbooks (which you are expected to purchase) and stationery items; 
  • Personal technology, e.g. laptop, tablet, specialist software, camera, and accessories
  • All printing and photocopying charges after free print allowances have been used
  • Personal membership charges of professional bodies
  • Your art materials, for example, for programmes relating to Art & Design
  • Compulsory visits to museums and galleries, if applicable 
  • Optional field trips, if applicable
  • Additional books that you wish to purchase
  • Lab coats/ personal safety equipment, if applicable
  • Sports clothing and trainers 

Further details on specific additional equipment required, which is not included in your fees, can be requested from the Campus Programme Coordinator.

Students who opt to fund their programme via the Mashreq Educational Loan are still subject to this policy. In addition they are subject to the terms and conditions laid out in agreement signed between the student and the bank. Any eligible student tuition fee refund requests must be supported by a bank clearance letter.

Tuition Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees for International Foundation Programme (IFP)

Name of Programme: International Foundation Programme (IFP)
Number of credit points: 180 
Total Tuition Fees in AED: AED 45,570
Total Tuition Fees in USD: US$12,485

 Tuition Fees for All Undergraduate Programmes

Number of credit points in total: 360 (over 3 years)
Tuition Fees for 30 credits (a typical undergraduate module): AED 
Tuition Fees per Year*: AED 58,485 (US$16,023)
Total Tuition Fees in AED: AED 175,455
Total Tuition Fees in USD: US$  48,070

Note: Total Tuition Fees are stated for full-time enrolment i.e. 120 credit points per year over 3 years. Students who wish to enrol for more than 120 credit points must get special permission from their Programme Coordinators and pay for additional credits. US Dollar conversions are presented as an indicative guide only using a rate of 1 US$ = 3.65 AED. Fees are due in UAE dirhams (AED) and actual exchange rates may differ.  

(All Fees are inclusive of VAT)

*Fees are subject to change depending on the exchange rate at the time of payment

Online Payments

Our online payment system accepts international credit card payments.To access our online payments page, please click here 

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